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Teens in Trouble

Founder’s personal philosophy:

Derrick Jensen in his book titled A Language Older than Words says:

I wish that my childhood would have been different. I do not, however, regret what happened. This does not mean that I would gladly go through it again. But mythologies of all times and all places tell us that those who enter the abyss and survive can bring back important lessons. I have no need to merely imagine the unimaginable. And I will no longer forget. I have learned that whether I choose to feel or not, pain exists, and whether we choose to acknowledge them or not, atrocities continue. I have grown to understand that in the shadow of the unspeakable I can and must speak and act against our culture’s tangled web of destructiveness, and stop the destruction at its roots.

What is happening in the world today:

1,000,000 Pregnant Teens
320,000 Babies Born with Alcohol/Drug Exposure
8,000,000 Grandparents Raising their Grandchildren
500,000 Teens in Foster Homes
1,300,000 Homeless Teens
500,000 Teens in Detention or Prison
800,000 Teens in Gangs in 2007 (nearest statistic)
1,000,000 Teen Dropouts Each Year
135,000 Teens Carry a Gun to School Each Day


To teach at-risk youth respect for others, the law, the environment and to gain independent living skills {whether work-related or education related (GED)} To assist in the transition to a successful and independent lifestyle, gaining power and control over their lives and enhancing their own self-esteem which results in a drive to learn more and to lead happy and productive lives.

When a teen enrolls in our program, they become eligible for these services, among others:

  • Training in job skills
  • Letter of recommendation for their classes, future jobs, or other projects
  • High quality, top brand-name clothing (for "free") so they don't stand out from others for lack of essentials when they attend school, eliminating the differences between "have's" and "have not's"
  • Furniture, dishes, or a multitude of other daily living items which are donated to us
  • Sometimes food while they are here or for their homes

The services are NOT in exchange for work but instead are a benefit of being enrolled in our program.